Rough in drain pipes to the future bath in the basement.
The sewer stub
The main water feed rough in

Rough Plumbing Part 1

The plumbing rough-in comes in two steps. The first step was completed today. The plumbers came in and ran all of the sewer pipes that will be buried by concrete when we pour the basement floor.

They also roughed the water line into the basement. They dug under the footing and put in a copper pipe that will serve as the water feed for the entire house.

It really doesn't look like much, although it took a full day to do it. They had to bust out some concrete (in the footings) in a few places to be able to set the pipes in their proper locations. This is normal and does not cause any structural issues. The location of many of the pipes is critical as they need to line up exactly with the plans so that the fixtures will fit in the rooms correctly after the framing is completed.

Something I did not expect is that they hooked the floor drain on the outside of the basement door to the sewer pipes in the house. I would have guessed that they would have hooked that up to the footing drains on the outside of the house in order to reduce the load on the septic tank. I asked the builder about this, and he says the footing drains are more likely to get clogged than the drain system in the house - as a result, it is he says it is a better choice to tie the floor drain outside the basement door to the house drain system to prevent water problems.

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