In the bath
In the kitchen

Plumbing Finish

The plumbing finish consisted of setting the toilets, sinks and installing the fixtures in the sinks, shower & bath areas. The work moved quickly, and it really made the house start to feel like something you could live in. In fact, the night after they completed the plumbing, I was working late on a number of last minute items, and jumped into the shower when I was done. Yes - this is actually becoming a house!

A couple of noteworthy things about the plumbing fixtures: First, plumbing fixtures can be *very* expensive. The "builder grade" fixtures are actually quite inexpensive, but are also quite cheap looking. If you want something with more style, or color options other than basic chrome, you better be prepared to pay dearly for it.

In the kitchen and laundry, we chose satin nickel finishes. We chose wrought iron (black) for the bathrooms (to match our hardware and lighting finishes).

Next, it was important to order our fixtures a full month before they were needed. While a plumbing supply store will stock some fixtures, most are special order and require several weeks to arrive. Additionally, the fixtures are not just needed for the plumber; the countertop contractor will need them even earlier so that he can cut the appropriate holes.

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