Along the basement entry stairwell
The railing along the deck off the master bedroom

Exterior Railings

The exterior railing did not actually get installed until after we moved into the house. Technically, the inspector could have held up our occupancy date until after the railing was installed, however, since the railings had been ordered and would be installed soon, he granted us what they call temporary occupancy. This gave us two months from the date of the final inspection to get the railings done.

We decided on steel railings with black powder coating as the finish. We needed railings on the front porch, the deck off the master bedroom, along the outside stairwell heading down to the basement, and on the back deck.

I was surprised at the high cost of the railing. I figured it would cost $7 - $8 per linear foot, but it ended up about twice that. All of the exterior railing ended up costing about $3500, almost double what I had estimated. Ouch! Building a house can be crazy - I am floored at how much some of the things cost. In those cases, I called around to get several bids to "keep everyone honest", but some things are just expensive I suppose...

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