Right before we installed the sod
The "final" landscaping


It was a long, muddy winter without any landscaping. Naturally, we were very eager to get the landscaping installed so that the kids would have a place to run and play, and so we did not have to fight the dust and mud any longer.

We hired the same contractor that did our last yard to install our sprinkler system and put the final grade on the yard. Our contractor specializes in installing water-wise irrigation systems, particularly important for us here in a desert climate.

Given the shape of our lot, and all of the rock retaining walls, we had a large amount of flower beds. We hauled in approximately 40 cubic yards of mulch and spread it throughout the beds, planted trees and eventually laid the sod down. It was a wonderful transformation - finally the house looks complete both inside and out.

Of course, as with any landscape, we are on a "five year plan". While the bulk of the yard is done, over the next several years we will be adding a little here and a little there. I am not sure if any yard is every fully completed.

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