Backfilling the gap around the foundation
The front loader builds up the dirt for the driveway

Backfilling the Foundation

When the excavator dug the hole for the foundation, obviously he dug the hole wider and deeper than needed so that the foundation crew would have enough room to work. After the walls had cured for about a week (in our case, a bit longer because of the weather) the excavator came back and filled in the gaps around the perimeter of the foundation walls and the hole he dug previously.

Before the excavator could backfill the foundation, his crew put in place the steel window wells on the back wall of the foundation. The manufacturer of the basement windows has a very nice system - so putting the window wells in place went very quickly. The bottom of the window wells will be backfilled with gravel so that water that gets down there will have a better escape route than through our basement windows. Since the windows on the front and side of the house are above grade, no window wells are required there.

At the same time, the excavator began to give the lot its general shape - this is by no means the final grade, but puts in place the dirt that will build up our driveway and cuts the areas where we will place our retaining rocks. In spite of all the work that has to be done, with all excavator's heavy equipment, most of the backfilling was done in about a day. They had to return and spend a day on one side of the house where the grade was a bit steep and where rock retaining will be required.

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