Bonus Content

After launching this site, I received inquires asking for additional information. I have made this information available in a downloadable e-book for a small fee.

The downloadable e-book contains the following bonus content:

· All of the content & pictures from this site, in an e-book format. Comfortably read on your computer, Kindle, Nook or other device.

· A full budget breakdown, outlining original estimates & final costs of each step of construction.

· Square footage information for the entire house, room by room, plus the basement & garage

· Plans, drawings & pictures of the completed the basement (bedrooms, family, media, kitchenette, bathroom, project room, etc.).

· A full schedule of construction timelines.

· Additional "final" pictures after the house was completed.

· An additional section discussing considerations about the house after having lived in it for a full year.

· Additionally, I include my budget and forecast spreadsheet used during the project to trend and project our final cost.

The downloadable e-book is available for $9. I hope you will find the bonus content useful, and your purchase will help support this site.

Instructions for downloading the eBook will be sent to you immediately by email. If you don't receive the email, please check to make sure it is not in your spam folder. Please contact me for help.

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