The roofing paper layer
The finished roof


The roofing went really fast - much faster than I expected. The roofing contractor sent a crew of about 8 up to the site, and they just blew through the work. The first day they put up the roofing paper, then returned a couple of weeks later to put the shingles on. Typically they put the shingles on the day after the paper is put down, in our case we were not on their schedule but they managed to squeeze in a day to put the paper down, which helped keep the rain out while we worked on the electrical inside the house.

The roofing we chose is quite standard for the area - 30 year architectural fiberglass shingles; we really didn't look at any other options. Picking the color of the roof was pretty easy because frankly not very many choices are offered. It seems that the major shingle manufacturers have a half dozen "core" colors that they offer, and each manufacturer has their own version of these colors with very little difference between manufacturers. Most of the colors we would not even consider, so the choice was simple - black or brown. We chose brown.

It turns out that the manufacturers offer significantly more color choices, but by special order only. We wouldn't have had time to wait for special order shingles, but it didn't matter anyway as we were quite happy with the color we chose.

A week or so after the shingles were put down, a small group of shingles buckled, creating a strange hump in the middle of the roof. We called the roofing contractor who said this is not uncommon - he told us to watch it for a week or so and that often the shingles will lay back down, but if they did not, he would come up and repair them. After waiting about a month, they never settled back down, so we are going to have him come up and repair them.

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