The entry way
The master bedroom
From the entry looking into the office


Like framing, the drywall is an exciting part of construction. As the boards go up, the house starts to take shape and it gives you the ability to imagine what the finished product will actually look like.

Initially, we had planned on having a large drywall crew come in and knock out the house. It would have probably taken them two weeks max to do the house. However, Mark (our builder) decided to get a bid from another contractor he knew - he said that this other contractor would probably take a little longer, but would save us some money and do an absolutely wonderful job.

Although we are getting anxious to get the project done, I was very interested in a contractor who had a reputation for high quality work, so we went with the slower but better contractor. In our last house, we had a drywall contractor do a part of our basement who was not too careful, and it really showed (sloppy work, bad tape job, damaged wires in our outlet boxes, etc.) One or two days into the job it was obvious that the drywall contractor we chose was part of a dying breed. He was so careful with everything, and you could see it. He worked hard to minimize seams, make careful cuts and took pride in his work.

The drywall contractor came across a couple of framing problems as he hung the drywall. We contacted the framers who were busy with other things but said they would get up there as soon as they could. After waiting a few days, it became obvious that we were going to delay the drywall contractor if we did not get the issues fixed, so I decided to fix the problems myself. It took me half a day, but I was glad to get it done so we could keep the job rolling.

After the drywall was hung, the taper got started whose quality and craftsmanship was just as good. He, too, worked alone, so it did not necessarily move fast, but he chipped away at it every day and did a beautiful job.

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